Classic Motor Cars (CMC) were founded in 1993 and have over the ensuing years built an international reputation for classic car restoration to world-class standards, to the extent that they are the only company to have won the Restoration of the Year Award twice in 2011 and 2017.

Staffed by a highly experienced team of engineers and technicians, CMC operate from modern 60,000 sq. ft. purpose built premises based in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, in the United Kingdom, where some 50 to 60 cars can be found in the workshops every month, ranging from classic classic Jaguars to Aston Martins, Bentley, Ferraris and Lancias and more, including modern prestige marques.

They offer a comprehensive service for classic car owners, including general servicing, upgrades, accident repairs, repaints, parts, full restorations, storage, transport, car sales and even bespoke car design. 

CMC are also closely involved with the Marches Centre of Manufacturing and Technology, where they are training the next generation of classic car specialists, with young people currently learning their trades in trimming, auto electrics, bodywork, paintwork and general mechanics.

January 1993 CMC is founded

CMC was founded in 1993 by three people united in their passion for Jaguars and started operating from a small business unit at the Stanmore Industrial Estate in Bridgnorth Shropshire. With the ultimate mission to restore Jaguar’s heritage, they set to bring back to life some of the most historic Jaguar’s every built as well as anything from the early Austin Swallow, through to the SS100, XK120, XK140, XK150, MK2, E-type, and XJS models. 


Restoring Jaguar’s heritage

Over the years, CMC’s experienced engineers and technicians have been trusted with the restoration of many of the most historic Jaguar’s ever built:

  • E-Type 9600HP - The oldest and most famous E-Type in existence
  • E-Type 1VHP - The very first right hand drive production Fixed Head Coupe
  • E-Type Chassis No. 4 - The fourth right hand drive roadster owned by ‘Lofty’ England, Jaguar's legendary Team Manager
  • D-Type OKV1 - The first of the famous trio of D-Types that debuted at Le Mans in 1954, finishing in second place
  • Coombs Mark 2 Saloon - One of the famous and very few original Mark 2 modified by racing driver John Coombs
  • XK120 FHC - Jaguar’s works demonstrator car



The world’s premier Jaguar restoration company

By 2001 CMC had built an international reputation for car restoration to world-class standards. The business grew exponentially and the workshops became busier with cars – not just Jaguars – from all over the world coming in for servicing, maintenance and restoration. CMC had realised its mission of becoming a world-leading restoration company.

2011- Restoration of the Year Award

Restoration of the Lindner-Nocker Lightweight E-Type – Restoration of the Year Award

Jaguar built just a dozen of the aluminium Lightweight E-Types for racing. Just one was modified by the Jaguar factory for owner Peter Lindner, the German Jaguar importer, to low drag body design. He raced it with Peter Nocker

When it crashed in at the Montlhery circuit in 1964 the Linder-Nocker Lightweight was so badly damaged that a complete restoration was thought to be impossible. CMC thought differently and decided to bring it back to its former glory. This epic project was finished in 2011, after over 7,000 hours of work and using more than 90% of the original parts, and won CMC the ‘Restoration of the Year’ at the International Historic Motoring Awards that year.


Move to new premises

August 2014 marked the official opening of CMC’s new building complex in the presence of friends, clients and personalities of the motoring world. The new building is one of the biggest of its kind in the UK, with some 36,000 sq. ft. of production space and another 24,000 sq. ft. for bespoke classic car storage.


Mark 2 by Callum unveiled

The car has been redesigned by Jaguar’s Director of Design Ian Callum and reengineered by CMC’s mechanics for his own personal use, boasting a huge number of aesthetic and technical modifications that make this a practical, reliable, enjoyable and exciting everyday car.

2015 Apprenticeship Schemes

Apprenticeship Schemes

CMC is especially proud of its apprenticeship schemes with young people. In 2015, it had as many as 8 apprentices learning their trades in trimming, auto electrics, bodywork, paintwork and general mechanical skills directly from the senior mechanics and technicians.


CMC becomes an Employee Owned Trust

On the 27th of August 2016, a majority shareholding owned by CMC 's chairman was transferred into a new entity The Classic Motor Cars Ltd Employee Shareholder Trust, thereby passing control to a trust set up for the benefit of the employees of CMC.

2017 - Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology

The Marches Centre of Manufacturing & Technology (MCMT) was officially opened by Philip Dunne, Minister of State for Health and MP for Ludlow, on Friday 10th November 2017 in a bid to inspire and train a new generation of young engineers. 

The £4m state-of the-art training hub is run by a consortium of Classic Motor Cars Ltd, Grainger & Worrall, In-Comm Training and Salop Design & Engineering. The 36,000 sq ft facility is located at the Stanmore Industrial Estate, just steps away from CMC, and is equipped with over £2m worth of equipment, including dedicated fabrication, foundry, lathe, metrology, milling, robotics and vehicle trimming sections.

2017 - Restoration of the Year Award

The epic 6,725-hour restoration of the one-off Pininfarina bodied 1954 Jaguar XK120 SE by CMC won the Restoration of the Year award at the Octane Awards, presented on Thursday 16th November in London. CMC are the only company to have won this award twice.

2018- CMC Celebrates its 25th Anniversary

A celebration party saw hundreds of classic and supercars visit our business from all over the country.

The company introduced the first ceramic coating specially formulated for classic cars, which can be topped up at home. 

CMC wins the Octane Specialist of the year award. 


2019- CMC Celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Jaguar MK2

The company celebrated the 60th anniversary of the Jaguar MK 2 with an event at its HQ that attracted over 5,000 people. 

CMC is proud of its association with a number of complimentary brands and concluded an 'exclusive' agreement with the Duckhams oil company. 

2020- The Aston Martin Bulldog Project

CMC has been appointed to carry out a nut and bolt restoration on this exceptional supercar and British design icon. The supercar was designed by Aston Martin in the late 1970s to show off the capabilities of its new engineering facility at Newport Pagnell. When completed, the plan is to run the car at over 200 mph and take it on a world tour. 

CMC apprentices finish a full nut and bolt restoration on a 1955 Lancia Aurelia B20 GT.

The company is currently working on a number of "secret" projects, one of which will culminate in the revised model of another British Icon.

It is also about to unveil a world first in protection for classic car engines.