Classics older than 40 years to be exempt from MoT testing

Under the new rules announced in September 2017, vehicles built up to 1977 will no longer be subject to the annual roadworthiness check-up from 20 May 2018. The rolling exemption will continue each year in line with exemption from road tax.

This means that, for example, all Jaguar E-Types, which were originally built between 1961 and 1975, will not need to be tested from next year.

The measure is being introduced despite a government consultation on the proposed changes held earlier this year that showed more respondents were against the idea than in favour of it (1130 v 899).

In response to concerns around safety, the Department for Transport said that cars more than 40 years old are often kept in good condition by owners, and not used regularly enough to warrant an MOT.

Owners who want to get their cars MoT tested for their own peace of mind will still be able to do so on a voluntary basis as the test will no longer be a legal requirement.

In brief:

  • Pre-1977 manufactured or registered cars to be MoT exempt from 20 May 2018
  • More than 2,000 people responded to the Government’s consultation, 1130 of them opposed the plans, 899 were in favour
  • The change will brint MoT exemption in line with date for tax exemption
  • Vehicles that have been ‘substantially changes’ will not be exempt

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