Behind the scenes with Classic Jaguar Magazine

On the back of the recent launch of the E-Type Jaguar Restoration Manual, CMC went on a photoshoot around East Sussex with E-Type Chassis 60, Chris Anderson -owner of the car- and Classic Jaguar Magazine.

Chassis 60 was the subject of the manual which takes readers through the full nut-and-bolt restoration of this very early model. Skilled mechanics and technicians CMC have written each chapter, giving a first-hand account of the process with 224 pages and 700 photos showing the level of detail that goes into CMC's award-winning restorations.

The car was the sixtieth E-Type to leave Jaguar’s production line in 1961; not only a very early 'flat floor' 3.8 litre model dating from the first few weeks of production, but also one of the earliest surviving right-hand drive E-Type roadsters, and had never been restored. Chris Anderson bought it at auction in 2013 and sent it to CMC to bring it back to the condition that it would have left the factory in 1961. It took CMC 3,500 hours to restore and since then it has received many awards, including Best of Show at the 2015 RAC Midsummer Drive-In.

Look out for the next issue of Classic Jaguar Magazine to see the exclusive shots and insights into the manual and restoration of this wonderful E-Type!

The E-Type Restoration Manual is available in hardback (£40) format. It can be purchased from


Special thanks to Chris Anderson, the owner of Chassis 60 and a long standing friend of CMC.