Did you know the petrol you use in your car is changing and could have drastic effects on the fuel system in your vehicle?

Fuel is changing; with the increase of Ethanol content in petrol to 10% as mandated by government legislation, the fuel systems of most classic cars will no longer be compatible with regular pump petrol. Indeed E10 is on sale in France now and most UK fuel already contains 5% ethanol. Even this low concentration can cause issues in older vehicles.
This puts your fuel system at risk. Original rubber seals, hoses and gaskets are not guaranteed safe against corrosion by Ethanol, creating leaks which could damage your fuel system and ultimately in the worst case risking possible fire.

Classic Motor Cars have developed an E10 safe fuel system upgrade kit for all Jaguar models, from XK 120 through to S3 E types, which replaces all the non-compliant components with Ethanol safe replacements, including seals, pipes, gaskets and ‘O’ rings throughout the fuel system. This is available now and once fitted will provide protection against the effects of E10 fuel.
We can also convert most other classics to run on the new fuel and would be happy to speak to you about your particular car.

If you would like to protect your classic and ensure it is safe to use when the change takes place, or if you are contemplating taking your classic to Europe this summer, please contact Classic Motor Cars to arrange for an E10 fuel system conversion for your precious classic.