First Great Garage Sale at CMC a Great Success, so big announcements for 2020!

 CMC held its first “great garage Sale at their head quarters in Bridgnorth on Saturday October 5th and £10,000 changed hands with more than 300 eclectic lots of automobilia being offered.

 Our first sale was so successful that we have decided to run two major auctions next year as well as some ancillary events.

The first of these will be a valuation day and book fair which will be held on Saturday February 29th.

We will also  hold out first car auction next year. Every car or motorcycle that is entered will automatically receive a CMC inspection. An inspection report will then be available to the owner whether the car sells or not. This should give greater comfort to bidders and sellers alike and will be something that will be part of the cars or motorcycles portfolio. If we feel a car or a bike has a major problem then it will not be included in the sale.

The valuation day and motoring book fair on February 29th will give people the opportunity to bring their treasured items to be valued and entered into the forthcoming auctions. We are happy to store automobilia and even cars subject to discussions with the owners. I understand that some car owners may not wish to venture out in February and if not we can work with them and appraise and value any car with up to three weeks to go before any car auction date.

Watch this space for more information!