Duckhams and Classic Motor Cars come together in a partnership to support classic motoring

Classic Motor Cars and Duckhams have partnered to enhance the services they offer to classic motorists across the UK and Europe.

The partnership will see the two companies supporting each other to distribute new oils and services across the classic car market, with Duckhams and CMC working together to develop new products.

Duckhams Director Martin Gough, who is responsible for classic, motorsport and industrial oils for the Duckhams brand that was reintroduced just two years ago said: “This new relationship with CMC is really important to us and their professional workshop facilities are extremely well appointed. They know all about classic cars and we know all there is to know about classic oils. It's the ideal match.”

Nigel Woodward, Managing Director at Classic Motor Cars said: “ We have always wanted to have a relationship with an oil brand and Duckhams is the ideal fit. It has an impeccable history and is well remembered by thousands of classic car owners. Not only that, but it is forward thinking in terms of the products and services that it wishes to introduce in the future.”

Martin said: “ There can be great synergy. CMC have a fantastic brand name in the world of classic cars and we are an iconic British oil brand.  One will support the other and provide the classic car world with new innovation based on products and services from both companies.”

Nigel said: “When we carry out a nut and bolt classic car restoration, we will test a car for a minimum of 500 miles. The standard of workmanship that we demand also requires that we use only the best quality lubrication and Duckhams provides us just that. But it won’t stop there; CMC will work with Duckhams on new services and products for the classic car community and evaluate and test them in its workshops.

Duckhams and CMC are also planning a series of events for classic car owners from special “workshop sessions” when owners can come visit CMC and see the latest “oil technology” to an annual rally and local meet and greet sessions throughout the country.

A number of new services, oils and treatments are in the pipeline and will be announced in the near future.

In a joint statement Nigel and Martin said: “ We are looking forward to providing

new and innovative products and services across the board and will be listening carefully to what classic car owners want. We also want to bring classic car workshops across the country together so that everyone can benefit.”