Mk2 by Callum 1
Mk2 by Callum 1
Mk2 by Callum 1
Mk2 by Callum 1
"This is a very personal statement... ... a long held notion that, although the Mark 2 has always been a beautiful car, it could be even more exciting in shape and performance...The Mark 2 by Callum will retain the integrity of the original, a form and presence that I have always admired. It will possess an intuitive driving experience, because not only does it have to look exciting, it also has to be exciting to drive"
- Ian Callum, Jaguar Director of Design

To be chosen by Ian Callum to work with him on his project, redesigning and reengineering the Mark 2, is a testament to the skills and passion that exist within the business, and is something that CMC are immensely proud of.

When Ian chose to re-design this iconic car, there was only one company he felt could deliver exactly what he wanted.

Mk2 by Callum The Original Grille
The Original Grille

"The grille had to stay intact. It is so iconic and I didn't want to change it."

Mk2 by Callum The Interior
The Interior

"Although quilting on the interior is in vogue at present, it does reflect a more traditional period. This seemed the most appropriate texture for the trim."

Mk2 by Callum Louvres

"I have always loved traditional louvres as seen on many older race cars. Four louvres appear on the side of the car to add to that sense of power and 'something different'. Of course they had to work, so they have been designed in a low-pressure area for a better internal airflow from the modified engine."

Mk2 by Callum Dials and Switches
Dials and Switches
"The one thing I remember when sitting in a Mark 2 as a boy was the sense of being in something very special. All those dials and switches are part of its enormous charm; they bring the car to life and with expectation of the performance to follow. This was clearly a driver's car"
Mk2 by Callum
Mk2 by Callum
Mk2 by Callum
Mk2 by Callum
Mk2 by Callum


Engine and transmission

  • 1. Jaguar inline six cylinder XK
  • 2. Repositioned in chassis to improve lubrication, cooling and fuelling
  • 3. Capacity 4300cc
  • 4. Brake horsepower 260din
  • 5. Torque 280 lbs/ft at 5000rpm
  • 6. Fuel system, twin SU HD8 2 inch carburettors with ram air induction
  • 7. Aluminium radiator with built in oil heat exchanger and electric cooling fan
  • 8. Five speed manual transmission Exhaust
  • 9. Bespoke twin bore stainless steel system steering
  • 10. Rack and pinion designed by CMC with electric power assistance and optimised steering geometry

Fuel tank

  • 11. Designed by CMC with a capacity of 20 imperial gallons
  • 12. Le Mans style quick release fuel cap
  • 13. Fuel unleaded 97 octane


Front suspension designed and reengineered by CMC, incorporating:

  • 14. Uprated coil springs, roll bar and wishbone bushes
  • 15. Adjustable dampers
  • 16. Solid subframe mountings
  • 17. Subframe repositioned to improve anti-dive characteristics

Rear independent suspension designed by CMC, incorporating:

  • 18. Uprated coil springs
  • 19. Blade control wishbones
  • 20. Outboard disc brakes
  • 21. Anti-roll bar
  • 22. Adjustable dampers

Braking system, hydraulic servo assisted

  • 23. Front discs vented 320mm diameter with fully floating single pot calliper
  • 24. Rear discs solid 280mm diameter with fully floating single pot calliper
  • 25. Integral handbrake mechanism, cable operated

Wheels and tyres

  • 26. Torrino split rim 17” diameter wire wheels with polished aluminium rim, hub and spokes body colour
  • 27. Front wheels 6.5” wide fitted with 205/55/17 tyres
  • 28. Rear wheels 7.5” wide fitted with 225/50/17 tyres
  • 29. Jaguar wheel spinners


Monocoque construction as per original Jaguar design with the following changes by Ian Callum:

  • 30. Front and rear bumpers replaced
  • 31. Front wings widened and incorporating wing louvres to extract hot air from the engine compartment
  • 32. Rear wheel spats made in aluminium and reshaped to design
  • 33. Left rear wing incorporating vented panel to extract air from the passenger compartment
  • 34. External bodyline chrome mouldings removed
  • 35. Remodelled exterior door handles
  • 36. Front quarter lights altered and closed
  • 37. Front wing sidelight pods removed, with sidelights incorporated into headlights
  • 38. External mirrors fitted to both front doors
  • 39. Plastic inner wing shields fitted to front wings
  • 40. Boot badge designed by Callum

Ignition and electrical

  • 41. Programmed electronic ignition system
  • 42. Automatic choke
  • 43. 90 amp alternator
  • 44. High torque starter motor
  • 45. Central locking with remote operation on all doors
  • 46. Uprated wiper motor with interval delay
  • 47. Heated front and rear windscreens
  • 48. Quartz halogen headlights
  • 49. Daylight running lights


  • 50. Redesigned front and rear seats, trimmed in the finest Scottish leather
  • 51. Headlining in Alcatara
  • 52. Sun visors in leather
  • 53. Door casings in leather incorporating Callum styling modifications
  • 54. Interior wood in dark oak with piano black edging
  • 55. Ian Callum signature etched into the glove box
  • 56. Instrument faces redesigned by Callum with bespoke badge in rev-counter face
  • 57. Redesigned toggle switch levers
  • 58. Centre console and radio tower as per original specification with incorporated modern audio and satellite navigation
  • 59. Inertia reel seat belts to front and rear seats
  • 60. Modified rear view mirror
  • 61. Wilton carpet throughout
  • 62. Modern heat and sound insulation fitted to the floors and bulkheads
  • 63. Electric time clock mounted in centre instrument panels
  • 64. Stainless steel tread plates to all door apertures front plates with Callum logo
  • 65. Modified heating and ventilation system for enhanced climate control

In car entertainment

  • 66. Clarion NZ502E single DIN multimedia station 16cm flip-out touch screen with built-in multi-lingual navigation, audio and DVD Bluetooth, iPhone and iPod connectivity. Touch screen discreetly retracts when not in use
  • 67. Clarion rear view digital camera

Reversing vision displayed on touch screen

  • 68. Clarion component loudspeakers
  • Six off, front and rear-mounted, 350 watts output, in specially-designed housings
  • 69. Classic roof mounted aerial
  • 70. Van Damme Blue Series Studio Grade speaker cable Finely stranded Ultra Pure Oxygen Free Copper .5mm2 conductors

As used in the world’s top recording and mastering studios, such as Abbey Road