Aston Martin DB5  1
Aston Martin DB5  1
Aston Martin DB5  1
Aston Martin DB5  1
- Aston Martin DB5 Restoration

We are delighted to have taken on the challenge of restoring this DB5 Saloon to its original specification. Registration BDW 439B came off the factory floor on the 1st March 1964 in a gorgeous Aegean Blue, since then it has passed through numerous owners resulting in a color change to Almond Green however managing to retain its original trim in Luxan Beige. Chassis No. DB5/1460/R came to us in this configuration however work is in full flow to change it back to original specification.

DB5's were in production from July 1963 to September 1965. Out of the 1,021 DB5's ever made, 123 were convertibles and 12 shooting brakes. At the time in 1963, a new DB5 would set you back £4,175. A truly iconic car for many a reason and one in which we are very much looking forward to restoring to the original specification for a long-standing customer to put into his collection.

To keep up to date with the car's progress go to our Instagram @classicmotorcarsltd or Facebook @ClassicMotorCarsLimited and have a look! For enquiries regarding restorations email 

Aston Martin DB5  Trim

Our skilled trim department is currently putting in the trim work, the car will be finished in its original Luxan Beige Leather. 

Aston Martin DB5  Mechanical

All ancillary items are now being put into the car. Currently, our Technician Bob and Apprentice Ben are doing the steering geometry (Caster and Camber), wheel alignment, and centralizing the steering wheel. The bumpers are currently being chromed and a trial fit of those has already taken place to make sure everything fits perfectly. 

The front and back windows are currently being fitted.

Aston Martin DB5  Paint And Body
Paint And Body

The DB5 went through a full strip-down from it's adopted color of Almond Green to its original specification color of Aegean Blue.