Project Car – CMC Special

We were approached in the summer of 2004 by a Jaguar enthusiast to build a car in the idiom of the golden age of sports racing cars of the 1950s/ early 1960s. This client was not interested in a high-priced replica or a pastiche of previous models but commissioned a one-off in the spirit of cars available in period to a gentleman racer and produced by small companies such as HWM, Cooper, Alta, etc.

The car was to be based on period Jaguar running gear – engine, transmission, suspension, non-servo disc brakes, period instruments and so on. It was designed for road use and track days.

CMC’s experience in the restoration and repair of many significant cars from this period (C-type, D-type, Cooper-Jaguar and HWM) meant we were uniquely qualified to undertake this project.

The project started with the purchase of a Reynard-designed tubular chassis which could take the required Jaguar mechanics. The rest was down to CMC.

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