Our most important asset is our people. Now some 29 strong including apprentices, their range of knowledge and skills sets us apart in the Jaguar restoration field.

  • nick

    Managing Director

    Involved in the business of restoring classic Jaguars since 1980. Founded Vicarage Motor Cars in 1982, selling controlling interest in the late 1980s. Formed...

  • bev

    Administration Manager

    Taking care of our accounting and administrative needs, and trying to keep up with the ever increasing bureaucracy involved in running a company. Joined the team...

  • cimg4597timgsized

    Workshop Manager

    Joined the CMC team in 1997 where his tremendous expertise was utilised in our body shop manufacturing bespoke panels and rebuilding early E Types. Joined the...

  • restor_roataing_wa2u3738_people

    Special Projects Manager

    Joined the CMC team in 1999, developing our high torque Jaguar engines along with handling packages for the XK range not to mention the rebuilding of a straight 8...

  • cimg4601andyhsized

    Stock controller

    Joined the CMC team in 2007 as an apprentice mechanical engineer, completer his training in 2010 and joined the management team chasing parts to keep our...

  • newron-sized

    Mechanical Technician

    His in-depth knowledge of all technical aspects of classic Jaguars is extremely valuable to us, especially in the restoration of gearboxes. Ron has acted as Tour...

  • stevemechnewsized

    Mechanical Technician

    Excellent all round engineering skills and capable of rebuilding the most complex sub assemblies with great care and dedication. Steve has been in the motor trade...

  • wa2u3843_people_test3

    Auto Electrician

    Unrivalled knowledge of classic Jaguars, ranging from complex fault diagnosis to the manufacture of bespoke wiring looms. He is equally at home assembling a...

  • restor_roataing_wa2u3831_people

    Mechanical Technician

    Specialises in the V12 E-Type. However, his experience and knowledge is invaluable on all classic Jaguars. Started with us in the late 1980s during the Vicarage...

  • cimg4581tomappsized


    Joined the CMC team in 2011 after completing a college course. A very enthusiastic individual who wants to learn every aspect of Jaguar restoration, we hope that he...