Our most important asset is our people. Now some 39 strong including apprentices, their range of knowledge and skills sets us apart in the Jaguar restoration field.


  • nick

    Managing Director

    Involved in the business of restoring classic Jaguars since 1980. Founded Vicarage Motor Cars in 1982, selling controlling interest in the late 1980s. Formed...

  • bev

    Administration Manager

    Taking care of our accounting and administrative needs, and trying to keep up with the ever increasing bureaucracy involved in running a company. Joined the team...

  • cmc1

    Parts manager and planning

    Paul joined the CMC team in June 2012 having spent the last 28 plus years in industry mainly involved with distribution and logistics, now taking over the running...

  • cimg4580waynesized

    Workshop Manager

    Lives and breathes classic Jaguars, if we could bottle his enthusiasm we would have a gold mine. His attention to detail and the effort he puts in is just...

  • cimg4597timgsized

    Production Manager

    Joined the CMC team in 1997 where his tremendous expertise was utilised in our body shop manufacturing bespoke panels and rebuilding early E Types. Joined the...

  • restor_roataing_wa2u3738_people

    Special Projects Manager

    Joined the CMC team in 1999, developing our high torque Jaguar engines along with handling packages for the XK range not to mention the rebuilding of a straight 8...

  • cimg2157

    Administrative Assistant

    Joined us in 2014 helping with data prosessing and the every increasing paper work trails. She enjoys being young, free and...

  • cimg7851

    Mechanical Technician

    Joined us in 2014 having been in the industry for some 35 plus years working on vehicles from the mundane to exotic American muscle cars and Maserati. He enjoys...

  • cimg2145

    Mechanical Technician

    Joined us in 2014 having spent 30 plus years as a mechanic, while restoring a variety of motor vehicles in his spare time. He likes fishing, football and supports...

  • cimg2143


    Joined the team in 2014 as part of our parts department, helping to serve the mechanical technicians and checking goods in and out. He plays the guitar and...